The Present Moment

Improv at Work

Who We Are

The Present Moment is a group of improvisation professionals based in Barcelona who have been teaching and performing since 2011. As key players of the Barcelona Improv Group, we have created a community of artists, students, and fans. 

In 2013, our international group of artists began to transfer the skills we use on stage - Trust, Communication, and Creativity - into trainings for Barcelona's business and educational community.  

TPM strives to give people an outlet to express themselves, work collaboratively with others, let out their creative and funny sides, and rediscover play. 

Our improv instructors have many years of experience in performing, but also in teaching improvisation to native and non-native speakers of English, and are skilled at lowering inhibitions, making participants feel included and valued and, most of all, in making sure that everyone has fun!

What is Improv?

Improv, short for “Improvised Theater”, is an unscripted form of theater where actors compose theatre as it is performed. Characters, dialogue, and story are created spontaneously through a collaborative effort of the performers. Unlike traditional theatre, where the same piece is practiced, repeated, and honed over time, actors prepare for an improv performance by fine tuning skills of listening, agreement, courage, and building on the ideas of others, rather than feeling pressure to constantly invent.